Millions of dollars of damage occur every year in the Vancouver area from flooding and water damage that could be easily prevented if property pipes and drains were properly maintained. Take a look at our proven services that will keep you one step ahead.

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Flood Prevention Tips

The following tips will help you to prevent the most common sources of water damage:

Maintain Hot Water Tanks - Follow the manufacturer's maintenance recommendations. The life expectancy can decrease depending on the water quality, use and maintenance.

Self Check Home – Every six months look for signs of water damage on all sinks, tubs, showReplace

Appliance Hoses - Check for kinks and soft/weak spots and replace with a better quality steel braided hose. Most hoses were not designed for constant household water pressure of 70 pounds psi.

Install Water Sensors - Sensors can sound an alarm or shut the water off to the dwelling. (Some new models simply attach to the faucet and do not require any hard wiring or plumbing.)

Outside Faucet - When winter arrives, shut off water supply and drain outside faucet to prevent freezing.

Clean Drains – Make sure to video pipe inspect sewer and all perimeter drains once every 5 years and clean if necessary.

Turn Off Water - When you leave the home for more than a day. An unexpected leak or broken hose can release approximately 650 gallons of water each hour.

Winter Season - Have someone check the home daily to ensure that the home is heated to prevent pipes from freezing. If no one can check the home daily, turn off the main water line and drain all pipes, water appliances and hot water tank.

Roof Leaks -Sun and damage can deteriorate roofing materials. Inspect after each wind storm or every 5 years by a roofing professional.

Always consult a professional before doing any repairs.

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